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Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Training and Consulting



  • Application design appraisals and enhancements.
  • Unique system design assistance.
  • Remedies seeking for application or design errors or any resulting system or component failures.
  • Independent witnessing and reporting of equipment failures or performance shortfalls.
  • Factory acceptance testing attendance's.
  • Site commissioning acceptance attendance's.
  • Energy efficiency enhancement surveys, reports and management.
  • R22 Replacement guidance and management.
  • Methods creations, management and witnessing of system installations or task sensitive equipment rebuilds.


FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing)

  • Instrumentation calibration and appropriateness verification.
  • Thermal performances.
  • Controls strategy and safety device verifications.
  • Components best practice compliance's.
  • Acoustics.
  • Energy efficiencies.
  • Predictive seasonal stability calculations. Dimensions sizes, thermal mediums & electrical characteristics.


Methods Guidance

Methods creations, management and witnessing of system installations or task sensitive equipment rebuilds.

Good method design improves project efficiencies and provides for better plant reliability's and longevity.

Maintenance and service methods and procedures creation and guidance for maintenance and service teams.

Too often failed equipment is doomed to fail again and often just soon after repairs are completed. Either on account of a failure to properly understand the causes pointed to by the wear patterns or by the failure itself creating secondary causal anomalies. It pays to identify precisely the causes of failure and whether new causes have been created by the failure.



Troubleshooting Assistance

Troubleshooting Assistance for Service & Commissioning Engineers

Expert and systematic troubleshooting assistance provided to field engineers experiencing especially complex problems.

All system types are covered including industrial process and storage, pumped liquid ammonia, all water chillers including centrifugal, commercial and supermarket refrigeration and all types of commercial air conditioning including VRV/VRF.

Sometimes recurring problems require a second opinion or a more thorough systematic procedure of analysis.

In order to know the cause of a fault that cause must be necessary, sufficient and especially repeatable. Unique methods often have to be engineered on the fly.

Please ensure electrical wiring diagrams are available either on site or from the manufacturer knowing the equipment model and serial numbers.



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HVACR Software


Free Windows Psychrometrics Calculator

AHU Calc: A windows psychrometrics calculator includes separate Heat Recovery with Mixing, Cooling and Heating modules. A continuous process of recovery, mixing, cooling and reheat can be approximated with the use of import buttons.

Save and Load Projects.

The application also generates a printable report of the overall process calculated.

Download a Free Copy of AHUCalc.exe

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